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Giga Imports is the forerunner in product and materials importing. We pride ourselves on making buyers’ jobs easier, from importing manufacturing materials to providing wholesalers with quality products. Buyers prefer to work with Giga Imports because we handle the product from its starting point to the end, all at a great, affordable cost.

Giga Imports was founded by Phillip Hoffman. Mr. Hoffman got his start in the sourcing business over 15 years ago, working for large corporations. There, he gained experience sourcing children’s products, as well as winter-wear clothing items like hats, mittens, and vests. During that time, Mr. Hoffman learned the ins and outs of importing and supply, and honed his keen eye for efficient, affordable sourcing.

From winter-wear and children’s items, Mr. Hoffman’s next project was sourcing Lady head-wear. He was so successful that Lady head-wear ended up being sold both in upscale department stores like Neiman Marcus, to the large, family-friendly budget store, Wal-Mart.

From there, Mr. Hoffman moved into his own venture. Giga Imports, Giga Tents, and Giga Kids Tents offer buyers a unique level of service. We are proud to import and source the highest quality international wholesale supplies, and our finished camping tents, camping accessories, and other products are manufactured with the same high quality materials we source.

Giga Imports is happy to supply hardware, awnings supplies, and metal supplies, as well as our own camping lines, Giga Tents and Giga Kids Tents, to manufacturers and wholesalers. We have facilities in the U.S. and overseas, helping us ensure that Giga Imports only works with high-end standard factories, enabling us to provide a tremendous amount of quality sourcing.